3 Myths To Aligning Your Energy

Jun 25, 2020Conversations with Spirit

Why do we align? Aligning your energy is key. 

When our energy is in alignment, we have less resistance and fewer blockages. This allows us to really hone in with our intuition.

In turn, things become easier: we communicate with our Spirit Guides, they bring us opportunities, and manifestation happens quickly and easily when you’re in alignment.

So many things can knock us out of alignment:
– Too much social media
– Watching too much news
– Allowing energy into our field that we don’t release

Let’s talk about the 3 myths:

#1: I have already connected to my Intuition and Spirit Guides. I know my life purpose. I’ve done the work. I don’t need to align because I’ve aligned before.

Truth: You are continually growing as a soul. As you vibrate higher, you have to remove blockages so you become lighter. As you’re shifting into a different level, you’ll find that you have to deal with some of the same stuff you released at a lower level. This old, heavy energy stuck in your system has to be released. Everything is a cycle and as you move into lighter, higher vibrations, you have to release and realign.

Alignment is a continual process because we are always moving. You don’t want to stay at the same level throughout your entire lifetime. I will be offering more training on this in July.

#2: You always have to be in action to align.

Truth: NO! Society conditions us to “should” ourselves. We try so hard to align that we end up moving ourselves out of alignment. If you have your schedule packed full and you’re always in action – even if it’s activities to support your spiritual growth – you’re going to achieve the opposite of what you wanted.

Part of alignment is sitting back and really diving in to your intuition, connecting with your spirit guides, listening to what your body needs; allowing yourself to rest and “cocoon” to allow yourself to come into alignment. Don’t over water the plant!

It’s important to create space for alignment: breath work, reading a book, sleeping – so many options for coming into alignment in the “non-action” category.

#3: Once it’s done, it’s done.

Truth: It’s not. I encourage you to do daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins. As you’re connecting to your intuitive side and checking in with what your body needs over the course of a year, you are continuously in the process of raising your vibration and coming into alignment.

Maybe there are some days you need to rest. Perhaps there are days where you have so much energy from the collective conscious that you need to release. We hold so much in our subconscious, energy, and aura that we need to release. This doesn’t mean you need to be constantly in “go mode”; it means you’re constantly checking in with your body, what it needs for that day/week/month, and adjusting accordingly.

While you’re doing this, keep in mind that the more we align, the clear our intuitive messages are and the faster we manifest. When our energy is in alignment, we have less resistance and fewer blockages. What we think will take 10 years can take 1 year when we’re in alignment. What we think will take 1 year can actually take 1 month when we’re in alignment. Make sure you are making yourself a priority – self-care and mindset are key!

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