Transcript: When You Feel Like Your Intuition Was Wrong

Jul 11, 2023


When You Feel Like Your Intuition Was Wrong

Whitney (00:00)

Have you ever followed your intuition? And then when you did thought, ugh this didn’t work out the way I thought? What the heck went wrong? Well, let’s talk about it inside this episode.


Welcome to Spiritual and Ambitious. I’m your host, Whitney McNeill. I’m a certified medium and spiritual teacher, and I help spiritual and ambitious souls just like you live your life purpose through your career and attract abundance by connecting into your intuition and spirit guide. Let’s get spiritual and ambitious.


I’m recording this episode at 11:11. If you love number patterns, then you know all about it. I actually talked about that in episode 22, haha, with getting signs from Spirit. So I know that this episode has a message for you in it. I’m sure you’ve been in a place where you felt like you followed your intuition, but now you’re thinking it was wrong. Well, the first thing that normally happens when we feel like we followed our intuition but didn’t get any results from it is we question ourselves. We go, what did I do wrong? Well, I think that is a good and a not so good. When you question yourself, it can be making sure that you, in fact, are getting the right messages and that you’re doing everything right. I think that that’s good that you’re looking at, is there something that I missed?


We can always reevaluate and reassess with what’s going on. But if you’re someone that thinks, oh my gosh, I’m really hard on myself now because I suck,\ or I didn’t do it right, then that actually can be not so good. Now, if you did make a mistake, well, it’s not really a mistake if you learn from it. So that’s why I think the reassessment, reevaluation process is good but if we’re kind of beating ourselves up over something, that’s not helpful, right? We wanna make sure that we’re moving forward. But when you’re not following your intuition, it’s most of the time a feeling that you’re not like it’s a, ooh, this doesn’t feel good to me, or my body just can’t say yes to this opportunity, or no, I heard no, or I saw uh uh, like, no, I saw saw like it was a no.


So really, if I’m honest, you probably were following your intuition most of the time. You would’ve gotten a real big signal that it was not right for you if you weren’t. So for instance, in my first marriage, I had all the signals, do not do this. This is not a good option and did I do it? I did. I did do it, and I did learn things from that, but I knew that my spirit guides were like, uhuh, don’t do it, so that’s what I’m talking about. But there’s other times too, when you truly make a decision and you feel very aligned to it. You feel like this is what I needed to do in this moment, and when you do and it doesn’t really go the way you thought it was gonna go, then that’s when we start going, uh oh, I must have messed up and I didn’t really understand it, not so much the case.


There’s a couple reasons why the things that you thought were gonna happen didn’t work out. Well, one reason can be because your spirit guides are guiding you to this opportunity for a reason that’s not what you think, so removing expectation. This happens a lot with business. So let’s say that you feel inspired to create a certain offer, or you want to launch a product or a course a certain way, and you just feel really inspired, but it doesn’t really give you the income that you thought was gonna come from it or it doesn’t really go over the way you wanted it to. Well, one reason could be that you were supposed to launch this product or this service and instead of it reaching the masses like you had hoped, it reaches people that you needed to help and those people end up being super impactful for you or refer you to a zillion other people.


It could also be that you need to actually go through with it and offer your service or do the thing, whatever it is, because you needed to experience it. You needed to actually see if you liked it or not, especially if you have the channeler intuitive language, you have to experience things from your body. So sometimes we’re like, but why couldn’t I just like known ahead of time? Well, most likely you probably did on some level if this is the case, but you actually had to go through and do it to integrate it into your being and knowing so that you don’t have that second guessing. So sometimes your spirit guides will say, hey, this isn’t gonna be harmful for you and this isn’t going to be in any way bad and in fact, this can be still beneficial, but we need you to actually go through it so that you understand and you don’t second guess and that you just know.


And then finally, it may not work out because it’s like a test. It’s basically maybe you’ve been asking spirit for something over and over, you feel really inspired to do something and it’s this test of energy. Are you actually gonna go through the actions and do it? And if so, we’re gonna work on creating bigger and better opportunities for you, so it’s not so much about the thing. It’s not so much about the result of this thing. It’s more of a, hey, are you interested in this? Yeah, cool. You tried to do it. Awesome. Now we’re gonna come up with a bigger and better opportunity. I think I’ve shared this example before, but I wanted to do a speaking gig. I didn’t get the gig, but I applied for it and so my spirit guides thought, all right, you’re really ready for this. And then out of the blue air quotes, we know it was from my spirit guides. I had an opportunity to speak on stage to entrepreneurs at my mentor’s conference. So that’s an example of, hey, we were just preparing and making sure. So when we come back after this really quick break, I’m going to talk about what you can do if you feel like your intuition was wrong.


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Hey there, thanks so much for listening. If you’re really wanting to align more of your intuition and your purpose, your business, I hope that you check out my Aligned Spiritual Mentorship. You can learn more over at messengerofspirit.com/aligned. All right, so I’m gonna give you some troubleshooting tips. One, if you feel like your intuition was wrong, I want you to ask yourself why. You can kind of backtrack here and say, well, what was wrong about it? And that will give you a lot of insight to help you understand really what was going on. Is it because you didn’t like the results you got? Is that when you felt like your intuition was wrong? When the outcome came around, you were like what did I do wrong? Was it because you feel like you didn’t get any message at all or was it because you knew you were doing the wrong thing when you did it?


So one, if you feel like you’re doing the wrong thing when you did it, then you know what you did. Next time you’re gonna listen, that’s really easy. Easy peasy, right? Two, if you feel like you didn’t get a message, then I’m gonna encourage you to really get acquainted with your intuition and develop your intuition. That’s gonna be really important. So many people put it off or they don’t get really serious about it and they just think that they can kind of piece free stuff together and get a really good training. I’m like, no, like are you gonna get serious about it? So I, of course, encourage you to get serious about it. Invest in a course or do a consistent exercises. Just make sure that you’re putting it as a priority. You know, I’ve got resources for that. Of course, we link to it in the show note, but sometimes we blame it on our spirit guide.


We’re like, they just must be sitting around doing nothing over there. Well, let’s talk about that. If you’re someone that is actively doing intuitive exercises, you’re doing spirit circles, shout out to my students who know what spirit circles are. Basically, it’s this exercise that I give you inside of my program, Four Intuitive Languages, where you’re working with your spirit chemist to increase your sensitivity. If you’re doing everything that you possibly can to increase your intuition and you’re not feeling like you’re getting the results, there are a couple things. One, are you detaching from the outcome as far as your intuition goes? Are you clearing your mind? Are you allowing yourself to just receive? A lot of times we go out for the message like, I’m going to go find it because I’m spiritual and ambitious and I will go to the thing when in fact, we don’t need to be going anywhere.


We just need to be receiving the other thing. Allowing ourselves to understand that process is gonna be important, but also your spirit guides. Our spirit guides are there. They’re there to help us when we ask for business spirit guides, guides to help us with something. If we feel like we’re not really getting a whole lot there, then we can ask for new guides. Now, your personal guides and teachers, your guide, your teacher, your protector, and actually your chemists, generally, they pretty much stay the same, but you can ask for other spirit guides if you feel like you’re not really getting a lot of help there, so really talk to your guides and ask them. Most of the time though, they’re there. They’re giving you messages. It’s just allowing yourself to receive and that is a process in itself. We are taught to go and go and do the things when we just need to relax and receive.


So consistency is important. So yes, you can kind of troubleshoot. Am I clearing my mind? Am I being consistent? Am I putting intuition as a priority? Have I committed to actually learning how to really a hundred percent understand my intuitive language or am I just kind of interested, but interested and curious, but not so serious about it? And if all those things are true, like you’ve done all these things, then you could say, okay, maybe I need to ask for a different guide. Now, I really don’t suggest asking for a new guide all the time. It’s just if you really feel like you’re doing all the things and you have been getting intuitive messages before, that’s, that’s the deal. Now, let’s say that you’re asking for information. What should I do? Well, your spirit guide is not aren’t necessarily gonna tell you what to do, but ask better questions.


So that’s another thing you can do to troubleshoot. Ask better questions. Hey, spirit guides, if I do this offer, can you tell me what the energy around X, Y, Z would be? Cool, thanks. Okay, if I do this option, what’s the energy around X, Y, Z? So you’ll get that information, right? And then you make your decision based on that. But what do you do if you feel like I followed everything, Whitney, I got the answer and it sucked. Well, I have been there. I’m raising my hand. Our ego will think it wants a certain thing. Our ego will think it has to look like this in order for it to be successful. It has to be like this in order for it to be successful. So understanding of letting go of expectation is gonna be really key because, energetically, it was still successful.


Did you feel aligned to it? I have definitely had this before where we’ve had launches where I have followed every single feeling and knowing of what I wanted but what’s interesting is I kind of knew ahead of time I wasn’t gonna get the outcome I desired, but I still felt like I should do it and I kept having this feeling like I’m still supposed to do it and sometimes you’re not able to see the impact that you make in people’s lives right then and there. So one, I feel like in those instances, I was able to help tell lots of people, like tons of people, hundreds of people, thousands of people, actually. I put my energy out there and then I started to be able to be connected with other people that, cuz I was in their energy field so I was connected now with new people, new opportunities, and so forth and so on. And sometimes I’m gonna be honest, you’re not gonna see the connection until later, even years later.


So what do you do about that? Well, one, know that whatever you’ve done is not a mistake. It’s for a reason whether that reason is you’re not going to know right now, but you know that there’s something good or you had to go through with this so that you can pivot into something else. We needed you to really have like a in your face kind of example, so that you could actually stop being so stubborn and do the thing that we’ve been telling you to do for a while. That can be it too. But also you can talk to your spirit guides and get a lot more specific too. Hey, I’m going to do X, Y, Z. This is my desire. What can we do to achieve that? Now, if it’s not in alignment, they’re not gonna be giving you help with it. If it is an alignment and it’s from your heart and you just really can feel that you wanna help and impact the world and whatever your inspiration is coming, like, yes, I wanna do this, your spirit guides can help.


So for the business owner out there, if you have a specific income desire and an income goal, one of the things that’s helped me is really communicating with my guides and saying, I would love to help X, Y, Z amount of people inside of my program or more. You can just surprise and delight me instead of the numbers. Sometimes we focus and we say, you know, I want this number a month versus what if we just shifted that and said, I’m really excited to help this amount of people in my program this month or more. That can start shifting your energy and it will become more vibrant when you’re connected to your purpose of, ooh, this feels really good. This feels really vibrant. It has an abundance vibration that sends the frequency out to the universe versus the number. The number can come from your ego and the number can come from this place of scarcity too.


Like, I gotta pay my bills. Oh my God. So let’s focus on the mission. This is gonna be really important. All right. This was a quick episode, but I’m so happy that we’re able to connect. I’ll be back next week with a brand new episode. I hope that you participate in our podcast review giveaway and you can check out Aligned. We’ll link to it in the show notes. All right, until next week, here’s to staying spiritual and ambitious.


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