Ep 124: 2024 Numerology Forecast and Predictions With Meaghan Alton

Feb 7, 2024Podcast

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2024 Numerology Forecast and Predictions With Meaghan Alton

We have one of our favorite guests, Meaghan Alton back with us to give her numerology predictions month by month for 2024. For those who don’t already know her, Meaghan is an economist turned numerologist. Her passion is using the energetics of alchemy aligned with strategy to help us amplify our natural state of abundance.

Why February feels like the new January (1:15)

Whitney shares how energetically February has always felt more like the beginning of the year than January. Meaghan validates this feeling explaining how and why that is totally possible. Especially 2024.

Numerology Highlights from Year of the Oracle in 2023 (3:15)

Meaghan deemed 2023 the year of the Oracle. Listen and she highlights the reasons that seemed to be the theme. Many of her clients also validated they were experiencing just that. A year filled with unknowns. She explains how although the energy feels low, what is actually happening to you intuitively and energetically.

The Energy of 2024, the Year of Infinite Abundance (8:05)

With a theme of infinite abundance there appears to be a lot to look forward to in this new year. 2024 will have the energy of the number 8. Here Meaghan goes deep into the numerology of the coming year and exactly how that compares and contrasts with the year that just ended.

Blessing and Challenges of 2024 (11:45)

With 2024 associating with an even number, there will be an overarching theme of balance. Whitney and Meaghan discuss some of the symptoms that may appear for you as you approach one of the many opportunities 2024 will bring to choose your perspective. Will it be a challenge or a blessing?

Monthly Themes to Expect in 2024 Based on Numerology (16:15)

Whitney and Meaghan work through the numerology of each individual month through 2024 and discuss the themes that will be prevalent during those periods. Use this information to help you plan your year. You can know ahead of time where the energy of the upcoming month will be flowing so you can be prepared to embrace any shifts or changes.

I hope you found this interesting and the information Meaghan shared will serve you well in the upcoming year. Here’s to staying Spiritual and Ambitious. .

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Change is meant to be joyful. – Meaghan Alton

The difference between those who move forward confidently and apply that energy of mastery versus those that don’t is they just decided to do so. – Meaghan Alton

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