Transcript: Energy Of The Week – Oct 15 2023

Nov 13, 2023


Energy Of The Week – Oct 15 2023

Whitney (00:00)

Welcome to Spiritual and Ambitious. I’m your host, Whitney McNeil. I’m a certified medium and spiritual teacher, and I help spiritual and ambitious souls just like you live your life purpose through your career, and attract abundance by connecting into your intuition and spirit guide. Let’s get spiritual and ambitious.


Happy October 15th, halfway through October, and we are celebrating this month. We got Halloween, we had our hundredth episode a few episodes back, we’re doing spirit messages every Sunday to help you set your intention of the week. And if you’ve not taken my free spirit guide class so that I can help you and teach you the five steps you need to clearly communicate with your spirit guides, go to messengerofspirit.com/class or check the show notes. You wanna make sure you choose your date and time for that. All right, here we go. Here are some messages from the Messenger of Spirit Oracle.


If you wanna order your Oracle deck there in the show notes as well. First card, hmm. Fire, indulge in your passion. Spirit is lighting a fire under your ass. It is time to do the thing. This is a perfect card. If you’ve been feeling stuck, if you’ve been feeling like, I don’t know what I wanna do, this week follow your passion. That simple. Follow your joy. Sometimes we can no longer force ourselves to do the things that we don’t wanna do anymore. This is really inspiring you to find what fills you up, lights you up, what feels really, really good. Next card, when you do that, I’m moving my eyebrows like, ooh, ooh. The card of abundance. Abundance is here. The universe is so generous. So when you do that, we forget like we feel like we have to be so responsible and so serious all the time.


While yes, we have responsibilities, and I’m not saying to just go off and be irresponsible. We need a balance of joy, happiness, fun, and a balance of things that we need to do. So when you are in your joy, when you’re in your passion, abundance happens because you manifest way easier when this occurs. If you are listening to me in any other place other than YouTube, but if you wanna go to YouTube, you can see these cards either way. Last card is a beautiful card too. Your ancestors are visiting. It’s time to heal old limiting beliefs and patterns. Yes. So this goes with our theme of do what you wanna do. Here’s an example. Maybe you’re an artist and when you were growing up, maybe your parents didn’t encourage you to do that, and they said you can’t make money at that.


There’s no way or maybe you are a spiritual entrepreneur and the same applies versus you said, I want to give readings, or I want to do healings, and your family didn’t believe in you. Well, this is that place where you say, hey, I’m breaking that belief. I’m breaking that energy that’s limiting me and holding me back. I’m gonna do what I wanna do. I wanna do the healing. I wanna do the art. I wanna do the spiritual readings and when I do that, I am abundant so this is a beautiful healing card for that. It is time for you to heal. All right. That is it for our mini episode. It was really short and sweet, so you can take that free spirit guide class, how to clearly communicate with your spirit guides. It’s in the show notes. You can also tune in on Wednesday for a brand new episode, and I can’t wait to see you over there listening in.


I’d love for you to give me a review on the podcast so I can give you a shout out, and until you hear from me again, I hope that you stay spiritual and ambitious.


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